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Leijun Cheng's richest man, millet employees how to do?

Recently, Alibaba successful listing on the NYSE, its founder Jack Ma also became the richest man in the whole of China, with total growth of Alibaba's many partners and employees, but also take the opportunity to have promoted millions overnight, millionaires list. Therefore, the media issued a report, saying the employees with the company if they can achieve growth, then the employee will be able to share the wealth and glory of the company was awarded in a particular time, especially on shared responsibilities and interests of the company, the company's growth and employee interests more closely.

Objectively speaking, such a theory is indeed true.

Huawei will be 99% of the shares distributed to employees, because Huawei employees considered the largest corporate assets; Ma after year 1 to 5 December were cash, Tencent shares held to only 9.87%; and as the market value of billions Ma's helm, and now shares held by only 8.8% ...... although these areas and services of different companies, but they have a common feature, that is willing to reduction of their own interests, and then give the company and employees more return and harvesting.

However, not every company can do so "welfare."

Millet: Only Lei Jun's "accident"

In the IT industry has been a rumor: 360 created when there is a 40% employee-owned shares, diluted to 20% prior to listing, "is the highest proportion of employee-owned Internet company." So, today, even if there are a lot of people do not like the 360, but I am still full of respect for Zhou. However, millet body, but it is an exception to this phenomenon. At present, according to the disclosure of information and data, the current status of millet holding company for 77.8% stake Lei Jun, Liwan Jiang holding 10.12%, 10.07% shareholding peak, Liu 2.01%, and the four members of the management team are millet. As for the number of shares held by the general staff of millet, count down the remaining probably know, millet want to get shares of the company's employees is not an easy task.

This means that if one day the listing of millet, Lei Jun will naturally become China's new richest man, but it is rare for millet employees the opportunity to become rich. One of the founders of up to 77.8% stake holders to act, has also been described essentially millet company structure is more like a centralized way, not ordinary employees "ownership" approach of the company. Therefore, and Alibaba, Baidu and other companies listed on the way compared to millet, if listed, the achievement of only a few people benefit, rather than Alibaba, Baidu so easily led the way thousands of people become rich.

Millet employees how to do?

The work is still working, the Hexibeifeng or Hexibeifeng the sleep or sleep.

Entrepreneurs: shares are double-edged sword

Speaking Entrepreneurship and shares, the shares have to mention the processing and the company's development, as well as the mind and the degree of concern for the interests of the founder. Under normal circumstances, the extra attention to the interests of the company and the employees of the company's own interests, their odds will be in the smooth development of the road becomes larger, and too much emphasis on self-interest is greater than the interests of the company, but more likely to die.

Therefore, different entrepreneurs in this regard mentality is completely different from the existing market case, the most select and employees share the benefits and gains of the company, in the long-term development and stability, both compared to other companies have very significantly improved. This is because most of the entrepreneurs in the development process have to understand one simple truth: to give employees more, employees can return for more. Otherwise, employees can leave. Thus the development of the equity deal with the company, the founders were mostly chose to open the principle of equity.

Millet is an exception in this regard, partly because of millet with more well-known brands and industry influence, so even 100% ownership stake millet LEI all, there are a large group of applicants to follow. If the leader is a millet ordinary people, then millet already collapsed. For ordinary entrepreneur, if you do not have the LEI influence, then I'm afraid equity management in this area do not learn Lei Jun, because no ordinary entrepreneur Lei Jun's influence and appeal.

For entrepreneurs, the liberalization of gas and vision benefits will be temporarily dispersed to other employees, when the bigger companies will get in return and harvest, which for the company and personal development are good ways. If the entrepreneurs in the early days of interest very seriously, then it would be entirely subjected to the treatment of another scene. Because not every entrepreneur is Lei Jun, not every employee is millet employees.

Interest and Equity: Better together through thick and thin

As currently on the market and rival Zhou Lei Jun has said on many occasions, workers must get the best return. "The most thing is someone else's money to make money." Company start early to get 20% -30% of the capital stock of at least do a pool, which is very important for entrepreneurs, and can be used to adjust the distribution of shares of corporate interests. Zhou has said, for example, if the founder is "1", that is, the team behind the "0"; the more the team behind the "0" the more, the greater the value created; on the contrary, if there is no team that entrepreneurs just another big "1", is to have 100% of the shares is only "one."

In contrast, Lei Jun, said that from the start has never been so similar words, because he controlled more than three-quarters of the shares. For entrepreneurs, learning Zhou can get more human resources, learning LEI will get a greater risk, of course, if you have the same influence and Lei Jun expectations, are not in the same column range.

No ordinary entrepreneurs money and resources, but not social recognition and brand awareness, thus diluting their equity and concede the right to speak is the best choice. Entrepreneurial growth in the road, too believe in the success of others is a risk, LEI occasionally post about the dedication and product innovation, but never promised to give material rewards employees. So, in this respect too LEI entrepreneurs learn the consequences suffered by the cost is enormous.

In the case of millet, founder of holding more than three-quarters of equity can go today, there is the result of many factors.

For ordinary entrepreneurs, human resources are the greatest asset in the team can not provide huge amounts of money to maintain growth, the transfer of a portion of the equity share to other people, this is the best way to respect others. If the interests too seriously, because sooner or later the interests diverged. In fact, many sell their shares to the employees of the biggest names in the industry, and now their wealth and fame are very good, but too much control people do care about their wealth, such as the new richest man, at that moment than Ma has stricken condemning .

Altogether different bitter sweet, this may be the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs, the founder and leader for the team, this is probably the biggest problem. It's like millet, if listed, get the benefit of only Lei Jun, others that still have to move to move the brick tiles, which still have to Hexibeifeng Hexibeifeng, do not think the company listed, you can also follow the scenery, so then it would be wrong. (End)

About the author: Zhu Yi, China's first blogger authors (11 years experience writing blog). Renowned opinion leaders, the Internet media people, one by one media company founder. Long-term concern of Internet business trends and case studies, covered TMT, mobile Internet, e-commerce, brand communication and management, digital home appliances and other fields; currently engaged in public relations, marketing and brand management. Personal Micro Signal: izhuyi; public platform personal account: zhuyiweixin



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