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Manufacturing with all the chips from the Internet thinking can shuffle

A few days ago wrote a "public chips can change the world but mostly wrong," the article proposes to raise the public's success must have four conditions: social, to the center, a sense of participation, endogenous demand. After the article was issued, many entrepreneurs have asked me, want to help their companies do all the chips. Some people asked me about the current number of mobile phone companies to raise the public website to engage the public to raise the product it have a future?

In fact, all four elements are talking about raising my article for the life of the service sector is more entrepreneurial, you can take advantage of the public to raise four elements of rapid financing (capital, resources), financial intelligence, financial users, financial brands. For the traditional manufacturing industry, it is difficult to go directly to cover with these four elements. But in the article I mentioned a common view is that "all chips is a traditional industry of Internet thinking baptism." Recently, home appliance business on the Internet, "customized air", though not the name of all the chips banner, but it's all to raise the class model is quite consistent with this logic. The next article will talk briefly about how traditional manufacturing thinking to meet the Internet to raise public baptism, how to shuffle from the Internet.

It's just all the chips OR pre-Internet transformation of traditional manufacturing the initial stage!

Recently, Jingdong finance public projects and to raise large Coke phone "Three Dad" air purifier, 11 yuan to buy a house and a 1.1 fold Haier air Cube and other large projects are completed in a very short time financing, let many traditional manufacturers have felt the power of the Internet.

Through this enterprise to solve all the chips manufactured products, parts procurement issue of funds used to achieve a periodic inventory, all at the same time by raising the microblogging, micro-channel circle of friends and other social media spread spontaneously, creating opportunities for brand exposure . Reuse shocking raise public figures to achieve a "hot" effect, created a news topic for the media.

Of course, these items can also raise the public known as "pre-sale", simply because the user is somehow involved in the public interest driven chip, for example, a large cola phones once a year free replacement phone rights. These items can not meet the public to raise a sense of participation, the key elements of the endogenous demand I made all the chips, so the user can not be involved in product design, improvement, process optimization, and its endogenous demand is not strong.

Therefore, the current project each raise public Internet site just traditional manufacturing the initial stage of the transformation. So, can make all the traditional manufacturing chips satisfy a sense of participation, endogenous needs two elements of it?

Many companies claim to produce products in accordance with the needs of users, in fact, not truly realized in manufacturing enterprises. Because they can not achieve effective communication between the mobile Internet era is not universal, and enterprise users. But the era of mobile Internet, allowing users and enterprises distance. For example, microblogging, micro-channel public number, Baidu Post Bar can become a platform for face to face communication with the user.

But these are still not become a communication platform for users to participate in product development, design a standardized platform. Millet companies in order to allow users to participate in product development, in particular to create a "user millet product development platform," product manager for millet and hardcore fans full user interaction, and set a specific topic, but also the line of communication will be held.

But to achieve such user participation in the design pattern on the premise that companies in the organizational structure, staffing, fan operation, the Internet platform to build aspect ability to achieve, which is the vast majority of traditional manufacturing industries do not have the ability, so even know millet practice, it is difficult to learn. The road to follow, surgery is not feasible solution, no sense for enterprises.

Industry specializing in surgery, you want to build a traditional manufacturing sense of participation, raise public endogenous demand, allowing users to participate in product design, and enjoy a variety of benefits brought by the congregation raised, preferably with the help of Internet companies, because they are more specializes in building such platforms. This is why I have been advocating, the traditional Internet business transformation is one of the main ways the best cooperation with Internet companies.

Recently, Jingdong sale platform recently engaged in a "Jingdong network customized intelligent air" project worth traditional manufacturing enterprise reference. On Jingdong, users only need to pay 100 yuan to participate customize a TCL air, including naming, appearance, remote controls, functions can be freely selected. Then, Jingdong will be selected by the user after the results aggregated, select the optimal solution. This whole process is a sense of participation, endogenous demand, users together will become more user-friendly air-conditioning, experience better.

Jingdong played what role in this process? Jingdong has a huge user base, improve the payment system, as well as marketing experience for fans of intelligent hardware to create a cloud services platform, which is what TCL are not available. At the same time, through this custom air conditioning, air conditioning Jingdong will play in subsequent sales platform, service platform, enabling the air conditioning from design to production, to marketing, sale of closed loop.

Of course, this is only the first electronic business platform in collaboration with traditional manufacturing products attempt to raise the public, the user can customize the content, terms of engagement, etc. there is a large room for improvement. But this can be seen as a new attempt to transform the traditional manufacturing Internet thinking, so that no Internet thinking and traditional manufacturing capability can also be baptized Internet thinking.

There is no doubt that in the near future, this Internet platform for R & D to production centers, user participation in the design, production and the ultimate experience for their products, manufacturers of traditional products into custom foundries, many products will no longer need to advertise to lower the price to provide the ultimate experience to the user mode will become mainstream, and Internet platforms and traditional manufacturing will take place closer integration.

Thus look at the recent debate LEI Dong Mingzhu, Gree and Dong Mingzhu simply that the Internet is only a tool, this tool is not whom exclusive, this should also be the consensus of the majority of traditional manufacturing CEOs. But they did not see their own organizational structure, talent mechanism can not make better use of this tool, did not see the product in the production, manufacturing, marketing, sales, service and so the whole process of cloud raised by the public mode, Internet tools to transform complexity and subversive, once the power of this subversion has large-scale, practical operation mode can not know in cooperation with the Internet company's traditional manufacturing companies will perish, whatever you have in the past how many patents and how brilliant achievements, because users are designing their own products, your own decisions and design of products nobody needs.

My reading of the traditional manufacturing model combined with the public to raise this in-depth business platform and he probably did not want to know, but when the giant head of Internet giant, traditional manufacturing saw this article, I am sure they will make a profound thought, but the opportunity is always left to those who are prepared!

So the big screen industry convergence is the Internet's main event, and everything has just begun, business model, business territory, chain links, wealth will be reinvented and re-distribution, this is an era of change will die, but also the traditional manufacturing industry, the most difficult transition period. We can clearly feel that the future of the Internet is that you multiple, rather than more light and heavy chain meaning that occupy more links, link, not less, and perhaps some of the Internet platform currently called to the center is wrong and need a good reflection.

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